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3 mai
Living Is Easy / The Circle Chant Agriculture
LILA Berlam
Sugarcoat Blushing
Look to the East, Look to the West Camera Obscura
Cyan Blue Charlotte Day Wilson
Terminal City Chxmeras
Radical Optimism Dua Lipa
baby, tag along (EP) easy tiger
Undefeated Frank Turner
Romanticism Hana Vu
Pull the Rope Ibibio Sound Machine
Social Engineering Jan Jelinek
40 Jawnino
Here in the Pitch Jessica Pratt
Lost Themes IV : Noir John Carpenter
Fearless Movement Kamasi Washington
Spine Kee Avil
Quarter Life Crisis Laraw
Caverne Manuel Laisné
Funeral for Justice Mdou Moctar
Les enfants fous brillent dans le noir (EP) Minuit Phosphène
Miroir (EP) N Nao
possibles possibles
Possibles Possibles
Forêt pour deux pianos Roman Zavada
Reasonable Woman Sia
Broadside Ballads, Vol. III The Deep Dark Woods
A Dream Is All We Know The Lemon Twigs
خُلق/ هُجر (Born to Leave - revisited) Wake Island
Dedans (EP) Wouf Wouf
Les secrets du ciel Yann Falquet
Rives Yuki Isami
Ma main au feu Émile Proulx-Cloutier
10 mai
Britpop A.G. Cook
Anniversary Abigail Lapell
Freedom Amen Dunes
L'Anse-Pleureuse André Dédé Vander
Cape Forestier Angus & Julia Stone
I'm totally fine with it don't give a fuck anymore Arab Strap
Bermudababes (EP) Bermuda
Feu de garde Bibi Club
.4 Bossk
Poetry Dehd
Set the Tone Ghostface Killah
I Am Toward You How To Dress Well
I Am Jordan I. Jordan
Tidal Memory Exo Iglooghost
Unmeasurable Terms (EP) Jack Manley
The Loop Jordan Rakei
Phased Out Jérémie Carrier
Can We Please Have Fun Kings Of Leon
You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To Knocked Loose
OUI, LSF Les Savy Fav
Lover's Gothic Maïa Davies
Five Ways to Say Goodbye Mick Harvey
Mayday Myriam Gendron
Stampede Vol. 1 Orville Peck
Eat Your Heart Out Potatohead People
J'ai pas d'visite Sandra Contour
Child Within the Man Sebastian Bach
The Moon Is in the Wrong Place Shannon and the Clams
Night Killaz, Vol. 2 (EP) Snow Strippers
Birth Control Pill Speed Dealer Moms
T.O.tality Take Offense
Give A Damn Vicky Farewell
Songs for No One Vol. 2 (EP) Victoria Bigelow
Dépression post-brosse Vie de Quartier
Ten Folds Yaya Bey
17 mai
Destroyer Alana Yorke
Lives Outgrown Beth Gibbons
Hit Me Hard and Soft Billie Eilish
100's of 1000's, Millions of Billions Blitzen
Neon Pill Cage The Elephant
La mémoire du corps Catherine Major
A Week in Nashville (EP) Charlotte Cardin
JOYRIDE Coleman Hell
Amama Crumb
Known Liar Dump Babes
Aérosol Félix Dyotte
Dark Superstition Gatecreeper
Darkroom Ghostly Kisses
Ooh La La Guster
Strange Medicine Kaïa Kater
From Hell I Rise Kerry King
#RichAxxHaitian Mach-Hommy
Live, Laugh, Major Love Major Love
Prismacolore Melissa Fortin
Creepy Crawl (EP) Night Finger
Lady on the Cusp of Montreal
Mind Burns Alive Pallbearer
To All Trains Shellac
Clancy Twenty One Pilots
Tilted Planet Zero Point Energy
24 mai
Sunday Morning Put On Andrew Bird
La fin de l'économie Aquaserge
Light Sleeper Bess Atwell
Harsh (EP) Bobbi
ep(ilogue) (EP) Deap Valley
Frog in Boiling Water DIIV
Not God Finom
Hybride Joe Rocca
Petrol Matches Boom Kenton Loewen
Dancing and Crying, Vol.1 Kiesza
Seul dans ma tombe La Famille Denuy
Limbo Lionlimb
3FOR82 Machinedrum
Touched By the Stuff Motorists
She Told Me Where to Go Old Man Luedecke
This But More Priori
Le Voyage d'Éliodore Pur Pasteur & Xavier-Charles Fecteau
Touriste Renaud Gratton
maybe not tomorrow santpoort
...Is Commited Say Anything
Heaven (EP) Softcult
Dark Times Vince Staples
Model Wallows
The Fool Young Jesus
31 mai
Empreintes Alexis Normand
Darning Woman Anastasia Coope
Le roy, la rose et le lou[p] (live) Ariane Roy, Thierry Larose & Lou-Adriane Cassidy
Night Reign Arooj Aftab
Did You Get Better Babe Report
43°C Basile3
The Dream of Delphi Bat For Lashes
Kalvalrie Chve
Delights of My Life Eric Chenaux
Les plantes continuent de pousser quand tu dors, Face A (EP) Guillaume Arsenault
Ephemeral Being (EP) Half Waif
Big Swimmer King Hannah
? Lary Kidd
How Can I Possibly Sleep When There Is Music Luka Kaplowsky & Roykan
Chaos Angel Maya Hawke
New Town Dream Neutrals
Tabula Rasa (EP) Paige Barlow
What's the Point Ruby Waters
Inner Shadow Sam Jr.
The Water Spencer Jo
Umbilical Thou
Unessential Oils Unessential Oils
The Border Willie Nelson

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