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Album Artiste
3 décembre
KICK ii Arca
KiCK iii Arca
Mr Maserati 2001-2021 (Compilation) Baxter Dury
EP4 Birmani
Can Live in Brighton 1975 (Live) Can
Void (EP) Chrome Sparks & Reo Cragun
In Order to Know You Deep Throat Choir
Wild Type Droid Failure
Movie Night (EP) Full Bush
Bloodline (EP) Gabriels
Genocide Pact Genocide Pact
Acheron King Buffalo
Chaos In My Court (EP) Kings Elliot
And the Wind Blew It Away Kramer
Célibataire endurcie La Carotte Polaire
Traîtrise La Zarra
Churches LP
Rhapsodie lavalloise Luc de Larochellière
In the Blue Magon
Entre Beaurivage et l'Ange-Gardien Marie-Annick Lépine
Peace Meter Marissa Paternoster
I'm Feeling Hopeful Milan Ring
Island of Noise Modern Nature
L'an 8000 Mononc' Serge
Old Friends, New Friends Nils Frahm
Time to Plant Tears (EP) Nisa
Now! 2073 Noir Disco
J'hallucine seul (EP) Oli Laroche
Sea Steps (EP) Pick A Piper
Overflow Rival Consoles
What Was That Senior Citizen X Tim Walker
Dixque d'art Souldia
Gueule de bois (EP) Teuteu
Sunshower (EP) The Tea Party
Rap? (EP) Tierra Whack
Servant of the Mind Volbeat
10 décembre
Snakeyez 5Sang14
Nonante-Cinq Angèle
Once Twice Melody — Chapter 2 (EP) Beach House
Ciel enflammé Georgio
Embryo (EP) Jlin
Live from Blacklachia Moses Sumney
All These Songs of Love and Death Mule Jenny
Barn Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Not My First Rodeo (EP) OK Cowboy
Beautifull Illusions Tor Lundvall
Unsubtle Magic Ziemba
17 décembre
Live Life Fast Roddy Rich
Gong Splat Ryan Sawyer, Greg Coates, Wilder Soby, Andres Renteria et John Dwyer