Albums à venir

Album Artiste
6 novembre
Book of Curses Adulkt Life
Turnin' Christo Graham
Ægo Templo Déluge
Without People Donovan Woods
Morricone Segreto Ennio Morricone
Lundi méchant Gaël Faye
Bouclier (EP) Georgette
Disco Kylie Minogue
Stillness Laetitia Shériff
Meteors Could Come Down LAL
The Christmas Album Leslie Odom Jr.
Tales to Be Told Lykantropi
Some Kind of Peace Ólafur Arnalds
The Ballads of Peter Dallas (EP) Peter Dallas
Fading Pole
Cheater Pom Poko
A Bag of Eyes Seamus Fogarty
Electric Meditation The Silence
Positive Mental Health Music Tiña
Via Pangée Via Pangée
13 novembre
Power Up AC/DC
Spirit World Field Guild Aesop Rock
Because of A Flower Ana Roxanne
Encounter Beyries
BSM-5 Blood From the Soul
Heartbreak (EP) Bonono + Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Muvaland (EP) Cakes Da Killa
Staunch Honey David Nance
Basement Covers (EP) Dizzy
People On Sunday Domenique Dumont
Hits Only (EP) DVC Refreshments
Departure (EP) Emi Wes
Provisions d'avenir Émile Poulin
Hill, Flower, Fog Emily A. Sprague
Faith Falcon Jane
Soft Power Gaspard Eden
Humanity Is Cancer (EP) Humanity Is Cancer
Circadian Intervals
Infine Jess Jesse Kivel
Terminus Jesu
When A Man Loves an Omen (EP) Judson Claiborne
Nowhere Land Karkara
Return Katy J Pearson
Defy Me (EP) Keep Shelly in Athens
Trip (EP) Lambchop
Fourteen Years (EP) Le Volume Courbe
Zan Liraz
Save Our Hearts Madisyn Whajne
Monument Molchat Doma
Share the Wealth Nels Cline
Bleu (EP) Rosie Valland
Powys 1999 Stats
Foothills The Bats
Night Network The Cribs
Point the Flashlight and Walk Told Slant
Flowers (EP) Tsha
Lamentations William Basinski
Vindicator Yukon Blonde
20 novembre
Self Help Badge Époque Ensemble
Early Aught (EP) Blunt Razors
Full Time Bored Born Idiot
Shadow of Fear Cabaret Voltaire
Super Adventure Club Casablanca Drivers
Moment Dark Tranquility
Peregrine Das Body
Pollen (EP) Desure
Slim Wall Doubleheader
Dimensional Stardust Exploding Star Orchestra
Pleine Noirceur Fuck the Facts
Wavey (EP) Grand Pax
The Sophtware Slump... On A Wodden Piano Grandaddy
Movements Great Mountain Fire
Fever In the Night (EP) Haux & Samouraii
Preyer Ilsa
Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico (Live) Iron Maiden
Magic Touch Jack Name
Reluctant Hero Killer Be Killed
Contact Landshapes
III Linstrøm & Prins Thomas
En masse Mike Edel
Dogs and Gods (EP) October and the Eyes
Ritmo de lo habitual Papi Chulo & su Groupo Invisible
Never Give Up Partner
There Are No Graves Here Patient Hands
Dead Kills, R.I.P. City Soft Kill
Friend Goals (EP) Tank and the Bangas
Memory Lane The Belmondos
Never Look Back (EP) The Franklin Electric
LIVE DRUGS (Live) The War On Drugs
27 novembre
How Beauty Holds the Hand of Sorrow Ane Brun
No Fun Mondays Billie Joe Armstrong
Water (EP) Burkingyouth
Volume Two (EP) Gotts Street Park
Weight of the False Self Hatebreed
Forever on Christmas Eve Jenn Grant
Mettapatterning for Constellation Mamiffer
Monde sensible Mesparrow
Painted Shield Painted Shield
L'étrange innocence des objets Peur Bleue
Cyr The Smashing Pumpkins
Ascent of the Ascended (EP) Tim Burgess
Lost Machine — Live Voivod