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Album Artiste
1 janvier
Music for Winter Vol. 1 (EP) Another Sky
Normal de l'Est Connaisseur Ticaso
Fuck Art The Dirty Nil
8 janvier
Introducing... Aaron Frazer
GREENFIELDS: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1 Barry Gibb
Every Mover Hilang Child
J.T. Steve Earle & The Dukes
Welfare Jazz Viagra Boys
15 janvier
Overstand Apifera
Two Saviors Buck Meek
Complete United Artists Singles 1977-1980 7” (boîtier de collection) Buzzcocks
Rat-A-Tat-Tat Dale Crover
No Place Danielle Durack
Adaptation Vol.2 (EP) Julien Manaud
Painting the Roses Midnight Sister
Le jeu des lumières Pierre-Hervé Goulet
Amperland, NY (bande originale) Pinegrove
Cheater Pom Poko
Drunk Tank Pink Shame
Spare Ribs Sleaford Mods
22 janvier
‘Grey Matter AR’ Snapchat Compositions [100] ACT!
Sweet Montérégie Alex Burger
Isles Bicep
The Wide James Yorkston & the Second Hand Orchestra
The Tipping Scale Kinlaw
Cooler Returns Kiwi Jr.
Le rayon vert (EP) Lewis Evans
You've Got the Whole Night to Go (EP) Logic1000
Face A (EP) Mathieu Crouzet
Palberta 5000 Palberta
Brighter Then (EP) Real Numbers
Home Rhye
The Last Exit Still Corners
Forever Teen Creeps
Soleil '96 Vanille
Witch Egg Witch Egg
29 janvier
Revolutionary Love Ani Difranco
Collapsed in Sunbeams Arlo Parks
Dead Hand Control Chris Baio
New Fragility Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Tempo Dom La Nena
Xénial Blues Frank Custeau
CAILLOU Gisèle Pape
On All Fours Goat Girl
Hour after Hour Magon
The Third Chimpanzee (EP) Martin Gore
Légèrement Rosier
Toursist 20th Anniversary Travel Version (Remix/Reprises) St Germain
The Future Bites Steven Wilson
I've Seen All I Need to See The Body
Vertigo Days The Notwist
Jockeys of Love (EP) Toledo